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Greyhounds and Lurchers make ideal pets, as a breed they are usually gentle, submissive and non-aggressive. Believe it or not they are lazy! They require very little from you apart from your company, a soft bed, warmth and adequate food.

Greyhounds and Lurchers sleep a lot, they are the laziest dogs you can have and are quite often known as a 45 mile an hour couch potato.

This can vary depending on the type and size of Lurcher you have.
The majority of average, medium-sized Lurchers need only the same amount of food as a pedigree Labrador or Collie.

Smooth coats need little grooming, once a week or twice a month. Rough coats need to be groomed at least once a week.

Most dogs will chase cats, it’s just that a Greyhound is a bit faster than most! Many Greyhounds and Lurchers live happily side by side with cats. Any dog rehomed by EGLR is tested for cat compatibility by Pip’s stunt cats Peg and Lucifer (Dog Killers!) and those also found in other foster homes.

Where possible all dogs are checked and assessed with livestock. Please be aware that your dog should not be loose off a lead around sheep and livestock unless they are guaranteed safe. We have had several calls from dog owners devastated by the consequences of letting their dogs off the lead around livestock so please do be careful - you will be held responsible for any damage where sheep worrying occurs.

Gentle temperaments and a healthy disposition being of natural breeding. Biddable and easy to handle.

We have some wonderful guinea pig children. And again all dogs are checked and assessed for their suitability with children.

Contrary to their reputation, Greyhounds and Lurchers are sprinting dogs and therefore don’t need to walk for miles every day - 2 half hour walks each day would suffice. They can be exercised on the lead.

Some Greyhounds and Lurchers really can’t be described as water babies, but others - a little encouragement is all that’s needed to help them enjoy having a splash about.

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