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Agility is something that makes good use of the Lurcher’s love of speed. It is a lot of fun, good exercise, and helps develop a strong bond between dog and owner.

Most Lurchers, other breeds and crossbreeds are known within agility circles as “ABC” dogs (Anything But a Collie), and it is exciting to see them hold their own, and sometimes even win, in such a Collie-dominated sport.

Lurchers are usually very accurate jumpers, having lots of muscle power, and can be so fast that it’s difficult to take a photograph of them clearing an obstacle! A Lurcher can give you as good a run for your money on an agility course as a sheepdog, and when the job is done, is happy to go home and fall sound asleep!

The perfect agility dog, really...


Is your Lurcher partial to a little agility action?

Send in your favourite action shots via email and we will post them here for all to see!


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