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A Plea for Help

You may have noticed that our Dogs to Adopt section is rather busy at the moment, the fact is we have taken in a large number of dogs in need of our help recently and it is stretching us to bursting point. We are in desperate need to more food for these guys, particularly dried, as our stocks are running out rapidly. So we would ask that if you can help us with a donation of dried food however large or small we would be so grateful. We are also in need or more bedding, so if you have any spare blankets, towels, duvets etc. we would also be very keen to hear from you. Please drop us a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or give Pip or Linda a call if you can help us.


You Help Needed

We are desperately low on our stocks of dried food, we are actually out of dried puppy food and have minimal supplies of adult. If anybody has any spare food or could donate a bag we would be enormously grateful. The food can be donated at any of our foster homes, sent to Pip in Evesham or alternatively you can send in a donation however small to help feed a hound, Thank you.


The Great North Swim '09

comingoutofthewaterWe just wanted to say a huge congratulations and Thank You to Kate who raised over £100 for EGLR doing the Great North Swim. We have discussed it here at EGLR HQ, and she is definately either very brave or completely mad but either way; Thank you Kate!




This is Summer, who only arrived with us recently in a poor condition.

SummerShe was suspected to have a pyometra (womb infection) when she came in, so went immediately to the vets, who confirmed the diagnosis and needed to operate as soon as possible. She also had a bad leg which she held awkwardly and seemed to be in pain from.

Ariel (aka Ali)
This week Pip received a phone call to see if we could take in a little girl with a broken leg.
Of course you all know Pip would say 'Yes'.
After a quick rush to the vets on friday evening, we found this sweet pup had a very badly broken leg. This little girl is going to cost the charity about a thousand pounds just to get her back on her paws.
Pip has asked if we can put Ariel on the appeals page to see if we can raise some money together to help pay for this. We will be putting lots of pictures and updates on the web site to keep you all up to date with Ariel's recovery.

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