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Ariel (aka Ali)
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Ariel (aka Ali)
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This week Pip received a phone call to see if we could take in a little girl with a broken leg.
Of course you all know Pip would say 'Yes'.
After a quick rush to the vets on friday evening, we found this sweet pup had a very badly broken leg. This little girl is going to cost the charity about a thousand pounds just to get her back on her paws.
Pip has asked if we can put Ariel on the appeals page to see if we can raise some money together to help pay for this. We will be putting lots of pictures and updates on the web site to keep you all up to date with Ariel's recovery.

arielhealingMy name is Ariel and I am a saluki whippet lurcher of about 8 months old. I've had quite a traumatic young life - so far I have been on the run, scared and alone. Then I got hit by a car which really hurt.
Then this nice lady picked me up and helped me and now that I am in my foster home I've got a duvet to snuggle and sleep in, food-a-plenty, even sausages, and I get ham hand-fed to me.
My leg still hurts and is very sore but my foster mommy gives me special treats if I eat my tablets to help ease the pain.
Ariel has been found to have a very badly broken front leg that will require surgery to help it mend.
Ariel has a very long and costly road to recovery and we will keep you updated on her progress.


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