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RSS in Firefox

In Firefox version 3.0.5, you can use this guide to make use of the EGLR RSS feeds (and any other feeds, like the BBC news feed, for instance).


Step one

Navigate to the home page (or any page where you see the EGLR feeds listed)

firefox1 (Remember you can click to see a bigger picture)






Step two

Click on the feed url that you want to monitor.

firefox2 Now that was easy. Either rename the title or leave it as it is.






Step three

Firefox adds an 'active bookmark' link in the bookmark toolbar for you. Just click away...

firefox3 The bookmarks update automatically when new details are added, or even if old details are simply updated.






And a REALLY nice feature is that you get the EGLR 'favicon' indicator, showing the articles that you have already read.




Hope that helps.


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