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RSS in Flock

In Flock (*), you can use this guide to make use of the EGLR RSS feeds (and any other feeds, like the BBC news feed, for instance).


Step one

Navigate to the home page (or any page where you see the EGLR feeds listed)

flock1 Bet you know what's going to happen next? Yup, click on the feed that you want to subscribe to.






Step two

flock2 Flock gives you your own sidebar to manage your RSS feeds. You can create folders to manage and categorise your feeds, News, Dogs, Hollywood, etc etc etc. Just drag the big blue 'Subscribe' button to the folder, are you're done.





Step three


You can see that Flock shows how many news articles, dogs for adoption, or special reports there are (the ones that you have NOT read yet).





Step four


So there you have it, Flock will remember the EGLR articles you have read, keep track of the ones you've missed, AND let you know about the new articles too.








(*) Flock is a 'modern' browser that has been developed (or tuned to be honest, Flock is based on Firefox!) for users who can say 'Yes' to the following questions:


Do you read web pages (course you do)

Do you read RSS feeds (you do now ;-))

Do you Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa (bet you do)

Do you Digg, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace (I don't)

Do you Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress, Xanga (course you do)

Do you Webmail, Delicious, Digg (doesn't everyone?)


If you answer yes to some of these, then you might find Flock useful. If you answer yes to most of these, then Flock could become indispensable.


Read about Flock here...


Hope that helps.


tail wags,




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