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Help with the Lamp Post

Pip asked for some guidance with the LampPost earlier, so here it is.


OK, first catch your hare erm, type your message...


Put in a title, something short. Often if you are replying to someone, the title might be "@ Pip - the cat has left the house" (or something like that, anyway)

You can supply your name if you want, or just leave it saying Guest. But remember if you say 'Guest', and still 'sign your name', we will all know who you are anyway Laughing.









The bit that seems to 'catch' most folk out is the 'image verification' bit.The reason we have this, is to prevent automated adverts, and spambots etc etc littering our LampPost with spam. You will see this type of thing more and more on your internet travels, I'm afraid.

The code is just a picture which contains lowercase and uppercase letters and also numbers. You need to type the code you see nto the box. If you get the code right, then job done.






In this example the code is qc9Lep




If you get the code wrong, the system will tell you, and you can have another go (as many times as you like Surprised)






if you get the code wrong, you will automatically get another chance to enter the code - but the trick is - the code gets changed for a NEW one.





You can click on the blue 'Reload Image' button, and change the code yourself. This is a good way to find a code that you can read easily, just pick a new code and enter its value into the box, then click 'Submit' to send your message to the Lamp Post.





Here, we've clicked reload, and now have a new code to enter. In this example, the code is Jvm8Rz (or something Embarassed).





When you get the right code, and you CAN get it right first time Cool you will get a message which confirms that your message was properly sent and stored for the moderator to publish. That is a grand way of saying that someone will check that you are not advertising anything, or being rude, or anything.









And that's all there is to it.


tail wags,




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