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Frequently Barked Questions

1997-09-04C-300This section of the website is here to offer some thoughts and suggestions for some common, and some not-so-common, problems that people sometimes face with a newly adopted rescue dog.


Remember that the dog may have had a traumatic previous life - or it may just have had different 'rules' applied, and above everything else, patience and gentleness with persistance will be rewarded.


The suggestions here are NOT a panacea for all problems, and often the best thing to do is talk to your EGLR contact, or Pip herself. Sometimes a little 'throw-away' comment can lead to uncovering an underlying problem that you may not have spotted.


Please remember, if the problem you are facing is on-going or medical, then the best thing to do is seek advice from your local vet or dog behaviourist.

Send the questions you were too afraid to ask to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , we shall pick the 'best' or 'most asked' ones and try to answer them for you.

Large leather collars
User Rating: / 55

Why do lurchers & sighthounds wear large leather collars?

Some of the dogs I see in the park have these broad collars, about 2-3 inches wide on.

What are they for, and do I need one for Bungle?

What is a crate?
User Rating: / 43

thelairWhat is a crate / indoor kennel? Do I need one for Bungle?

Poo eater !!!
User Rating: / 25

What can I do to stop my dog, Bungle, eating his own poo? It is his only disgusting habit!

Food stands
User Rating: / 32

foodstandWhy do greyhounds and lurchers need to be fed off of the floor? I've seen pictures and heard people talk about food stands.

Should I get a stand for Bungle?

ID tags
User Rating: / 12
Should my dog wear an ID tag? Bungle has a secure field that he runs around in, he has never escaped from it. Do I need to get an ID tag for him?
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