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What IS a Feed?


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What is RSS

128px-Feed-icon.svgRSS is a special way of letting your web browser (or a purpose made 'feed reader' such as Google Reader) do all the hard work and keep track of new web pages.


Sometimes it will be described as a 'web feed'.


Companies such as the BBC, The New York Times, and in fact ANYONE with a web site, who wants people to easily stay up-to-date make use of RRS feeds.


A question we often get at EGLR is - when was the last time you updated the adoption pages, or the news pages? Well, to answer that, and to make it VERY easy for everyone to 'keep tabs' on us, we have introduced our very own RSS feeds.

We have introduced three feeds - one for our Front Page News, one for our Special Reports, and best of all, one for the Dogs for Adoption.


Well, fine, thanks Webdog... but how do we use it? I hear you ask.


In the links below, I will show you how RSS feeds can be used by three different web browsers, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Flock.


Click the link to find out how to make use of the RSS feeds for your web browser, but remember, your browser may be a little different since it may not be the same version number that was used when this document was written.


Internet Explorer version 7.0.6


Mozilla Firefox version 3.0.5


Flock version 2.0.3


Apple Mac Safari


Hope this gives you some ideas of how to make your browser do the hard work for all the web sites you visit.


tail wags,




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