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eglr small dogs

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My name is Clarey  


Last Updated: 2018-05-22 - 22:09:45
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Sex: Age: Coat Type: dogs: cats: kids:
female 6 Yrs Smooth yes no yes Older


Clarey arrived in the rescue in the middle of winter with her 10 3 day old puppies she had given birth in a make shift shelter doing her best to keep her baby's alive in the freezing conditions, Clarey was an amazing mother raising her puppies until they were ready to leave for homes of their own. Clareys pups have all now grown up and left home but sadly Clarey hasn't had one home offer unfortunately this is often the case where the pups get snapped up and the moms get left behind.
Clarey is one of the most sweetest loving girls you could ever wish to meet she gives some of the most amazing cuddles and kisses and is so affection and loyal . Clarey gets great pleasure from running and playing with the other  dogs in the garden.
Clarey is extremely house trained and she is quite good on a lead but a little bit scared of busy traffic or large lorries not horrendous but will need a bit more work to build her confidence. She is also good in a car, Clarey is a friendly kind gentle girly but can be a bit scared of men she needs time to get use to men but once she gets to know them and trust them she will love them as well.
She loves big soft beds especially quilts to snuggle up in Clarey is a real food monster and will train easily and she wants to please but if training is given with treats she will do anything she can for you Clarey already knows sit and down and is coming on with her training day by day.
Clarey can be left for around 3 to 4 hours as long as there isn't any food around she sleeps through the night as good as gold she is no trouble at all and you don't know you have her. Clarey loves attention and will tolerate as much fuss as you are willing to give her. Clarey would be better suited to a home with another male dog or a home on her own.
Clarey is fit and healthy is up to date with her vaccination worming and de-fleaing is microchiped and has been spayed so is all ready to go have you got a space in your heart and home for Clarey.


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