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My name is Marvel Mouse  

Marvel Mouse

Last Updated: 2018-08-05 - 20:40:29
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male 3-6 Mo Smooth yes yes yes


Marvel had his check up at the vets yesterday and good news, his mouth is healing well and has healthy tissue, I spoke to him about some of the issues with his nose and he said that due to the damage to his nose he may always have some nasal issues to monitor but was happy for him to go to a new home as long as they are aware that he will need monitoring to ensure his adult teeth come in the right place and that he will most likely need dental work in the future.


Marvel is a very energetic pup, he is housetrained, and doing well with general training, he loves other dogs but can get a little enthusiastic at times. He likes and wants to socialise with cats but would need to be a confident cat as he does chase them in play. He loves a cuddle and with that cute grin, he gets lots of attention. He enjoys the garden and will play happily by himself with toys. He gets on well with children and walks well on a lead.




Marvel mouse is a very sweet 5 month old pup who arrived in the rescue recently sadly he has a problem with his mouth,? he is of to a specialist vets soon to see what they can do to fix it and then he will be up for adoption. we will update everyone on his progress as soon as he has been to the vets.


Marvel mouse has been to visit a veterinary dental specialist, the nice vet surgeon told us that the problems with his mouth and nose would have been caused by a dog bite to the face as a young puppy, this would likely have caused a broken jaw and has disrupted the tooth buds, meaning that some of the teeth have not developed. Marvel also needs surgery to repair a fistula (hole) in his hard palate which was causing food to become trapped and infection to develop.

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