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My name is Evie  


Last Updated: 2017-06-20 - 23:45:17
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Sex: Age: Coat Type: dogs: cats: kids:
female 2 Yrs Smooth maybe no yes Older 12 +


Evie is a loving and affectionate collie cross, she is an extremely intelligent girl who picks thing up very quickly. She loves playing with other dogs once she gets to know them or happily amuses herself with toys. She is looking for a busy home that will keep her busy, would definitely love some activity. She has lived round live stock, horses, chickens and has been fine. Sorry no to cats. She is 2 1/2 years old,fully vaccinated and neutered. She stands at 23 inches to the shoulder. If you would like to know more please contact Pip or Linda.










update 5th March


Evie is a very pretty, playful girl. She enjoys playing with the other dogs in our home, when they have had enough she will play with the toys. Most of the soft toys have been de-stuffed, but the skins still entertain her. She is very keen on balls, quite often brining them back. When Evie has expended her energy she will adopt the normal lurcher position, stretched out on the sofa or curled into a chair.

?????? Evie has a very friendly nature, happily curling onto anybodies lap or curling into them for a fuss. Evie gets on very well with other dogs, and we are told that she is good around livestock, having previously lived in that that type of environment. She has shown herself to be comfortable around dog savvy children. Unfortunately Evie is not cat friendly.

?????? Evie loves to go for walks and behaves very well on the lead, despite having a very good recall within the garden I have not let Evie run loose elsewhere, her inquisitive nature makes it difficult to ensure a good response. She is a very clever girl and does learn quickly so training should not be too difficult. Evie travels happily in the car, either curled up on the back seat or sat up watching everything going past.

?????? Evie is house trained and happily whiles away several hours alone, with her toys. Evie is very food orientated, very impatient with treats and fed separately from the other dogs in our home, to prevent arguments.

?????? Although she can manage alone, I think, to bring the best out of her she needs to spend a lot of time with another dog. When excited Evie is quite vocal, she alerts us to most visitors

Evie is highly intelligent and learns and picks things up quickly,she would do really well at dog training or agility,Evie can be over exuberant when meeting new dogs and needs sensible introductions with new dogs,and when she is out and about,Evie bonds quickly with people and really wants to please so with the right owner and the right training this bundle of loveliness is going to blossom into a fabulous and great companion to any home.x


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