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eglr small dogs

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My name is Gida  


Last Updated: 2017-04-16 - 16:42:37
Good with
Sex: Age: Coat Type: dogs: cats: kids:
female 9-12 Mo Smooth yes no maybe


Gyda is a beautiful brindle female lurcher,around 7 to 10 months old,very puppyish,gyda is hand shy but is growing in confidence and becoming more trusting of humans bit by bit,she is a very happy soul who never stops wagging her tail madly at any attention or love shown towards her.gyda is housetrained and crate trained,gyda loves play fighting with other dogs and really enjoys rough and tumbling with friends and running around the garden and jumping like a deer.gyda is a clever bright girlie who really wants to learn and please,she will do well with training and it will help with her confidence,gyda is a puppy dog that deserves to have her puppy hood.

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