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My name is Teifi  


Last Updated: 2017-05-09 - 6:43:51
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Teifi is a beautiful happy go lucky lad that has been waiting for his forever home far too long, he is now about 18 months old and stands around 24 inches to the shoulder.
Over the time with his foster family he has seen many of the other foster dogs come and go each one of them finding their forever family and I am sure he must wonder when it will be his turn, Teifi always gets on with the foster dogs that come into his home but he can be noisy when he sees other dogs when he is out and about we are working hard with him to resolve this but he will need a bit more work on it.
Teifi is good on a lead once he gets over the initial excitement of getting his harness and lead on walking nicely to heal on his walk, unfortunately his recall outside of the garden is very hit and miss as he loves to explore and it can be difficult to get his attention so this will need some work. He travels well in the car to and from the park.
In the home Teifi is a pleasure to have around he is fully house trained and non-destructive but we must admit fluffy toys don’t last that long around him.
He loves meeting new people and greets everyone like a long lost friend and loves to give out lots of kisses, he has met the visiting grandchild, who is 5 years old several times over the last few months and he behaves very well around him so may be suitable in a home with children or visiting children as long as they are gentle and respectful of him.
Teifi would like a home with another dog for company so they can have zoomies together and then he is happy to be left for up to 4 hours snoozing on the sofa.
For more information please give us a call.


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