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My name is Piper  


Last Updated: 2017-06-20 - 23:46:44
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female 3-6 Mo Smooth yes yes yes older 10+


Piper came to us suffering from terrible ricketts, we have spent the last few weeks feeding her a good diet and lots of rest, Pipers legs are a lot better now and she? is now starting to get out and about and enjoying life and is almost ready for her forever homes. For more information please give us a call

15th April


** Piper update **

Great news! Piper is now ready to look for her forever home.

Piper is now around 15 weeks old and recovered well from the Ricketts that she arrived with.

Piper is almost house trained, will go to the back door to go out and only has the odd accident.

She sleeps happily all night in her crate, and needs 2 or 3 additional sleeps during the day to rest her legs.

Piper is having a 20 minute lead walk each day, and will need further training to improve her lead skills and start her recall practice.

Piper is a lovely, lively, friendly girl who wants to say hello to everyone she meets. She gets on well with her doggy foster brother but can get over excited at times which could bother a nervous dog.

We're so pleased at how well Piper has recovered from her Ricketts, & her forever family will need to be mindful that she will need treating gently until her legs have recovered their full strength, and be prepared to work on her training too.

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