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My name is Chester  


Last Updated: 2017-06-20 - 23:42:59
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My name is Charlie, I am a 2 year old Saluki lurcher and have been a little challenging to re-home as I have been returned to EGLR 3 times, that’s the story I’m going to tell you about over the next few days.

As far as I can remember I started life with an elderly lady who was unable to exercise me enough but I did have her grandchildren to play with.

I came into EGLR when I was 18 months old, very boisterous with very little self-confidence.

I settled in quite well to my foster home but found some situations very exciting especially when the other residents got excited i.e. when going out for a walk! After 48 hours I spent the day at the vets being castrated, this all went well.

My foster mums discovered that I love free running, playing with other dogs and I can get wound up and very excited.

A young couple offered me a home and after a successful home check off I went to live with them. They only had me for a couple of days when they decided that I was not the boy for them so I found myself back in a foster home. I think they didn’t understand that mentally I was still a puppy and my signals were misunderstood or misread.

Having returned to my foster home I was lucky to go on holiday with them, we all had a great time playing on the beach and in the sea. I stayed for a few weeks before another couple offered me a home with their other rescue dog.

We went across to their home to check it out and explain how to deal with my over exuberance, they were confident that they would be able to give me what I needed and agreed that if there was anything they were unsure about they would contact my foster mum for assistance.

Unfortunately, after about a month they contacted my foster mum and told her they were bringing me back straight away! The reason given for this was that I had no recall and was aggressive. I believe that I was misunderstood as I was uncertain as to what was expected of me.

Once again, I slotted back into my foster home and the daily routine of free running, two meals a day and some basic training. At Christmas I went visiting my foster gran which was great as I could run up and down the stairs and play on the beach.

In the new year, another couple offered me a chance, they brought their grandson to meet me as they had him quite often. After a successful home check, they came to collect me and off I went to my forever home. Before I went my foster mum explained everything about me, how to handle me, how to control me in new situations and offered her assistance if needed. She explained that even though I am 2 years old I would need training as I am immature mentally.

I was lucky to get lots of long walks but always on a lead, I found this a little frustrating and was getting bored. I still didn’t get the reassurance or direction needed to help my confidence.

Whilst in this home I would hear the neighbours’ children and dog playing in the garden and I wanted to go and join in the games. Apparently, my behaviour was read as aggressive and the local vet suggested that I should be pts.

After lengthy conversations, I was returned once again.




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