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My name is Levi  


Last Updated: 2017-12-02 - 8:58:49
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male 7 Yrs Smooth yes no maybe



The lovely Levi is still on kennel rest but may only have another week to go. The vets say things are progressing and he is a very patient boy. He says thank you for all the treats. Fingers crossed for Levi.





Poor dear Levi had xrays yesterday at our vets and unfortunately he has an unstable front leg fracture that has not fixed, which has meant two ends of bone are rubbing against each other and moving when they shouldn't, the fracture hasent been able to heal properly. Levi has had an operation called v pet this is whereby they take blood and run the blood through a special filter and take out platelets, stem cells and growth factors which has then been injected into his fracture sight to help stimulate proper healing, Levi's leg has also been imobolized to stop irritation and rubbing, we are really hoping this will work and give Levi a much more better quality of life. Levi's back leg has a small bone infection under an open wound that he has which has hindered the healing process so he has been put on long term antibiotics. Levi is also going to have laser therapy every week to help. Levi's bill so far has come to £930.53p if any of you lovely generous people out there can afford to send a small donation towards this beautiful boys vets bill we would be very grateful. Pip.xx

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