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My name is Jessica  


Last Updated: 2017-11-29 - 22:45:14
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Sex: Age: Coat Type: dogs: cats: kids:
female 9 Yrs Smooth yes no yes


Jessica came to us from a working background and she had never lived in a house before coming into foster but within 4 hours she had worked out what central heating was, comfy sofas and the other delights of not being in a cold outside kennel. She is super affectionate, loyal and a real cuddle monster who can’t quite believe her paws that her world has changed for the better. Therefore we would like somebody who can spend the majority of their time with her (she would be quite happy laying at your feet if you could take her to work or worked from home) otherwise we think she deserves that human attention that she did not have for the last 9-10 years. Jessica would be fine as a only dog or could very happily live with others that were happy to let her hog your lap. She interacts very well with other dogs both inside and outside of the house and is amazingly clean with only a couple of small accidents that were not her fault to be honest. Jessica sleeps through the night, is not destructive, bombproof with fireworks and household noises and is happy to be left for a reasonable amount of time.
Jessica is also a total foodie – we have never known a dog love her food so much and she is learning that she does not get a bit of everything we are eating, so therefore although she is fine with children they would need to be big enough to tell her no and hold it out of her reach to avoid being mugged. She is very gentle with treats she does not guard them and we have no problem taking food off her.
Her previous owners cared for Jessica very well but she was an outside dog with a job to do which leads us onto cats and small furies, she will not bark or lunge when she meets them but quietly and intently waits to be released, so care and responsibility must be taken with this otherwise gorgeous girl in any eventually that she may come across them.
She currently has a touch of kennel cough so she will start her vaccinations shortly, she is already spayed and otherwise is in excellent general health standing 23” to the shoulder, so whoever is lucky enough to adopt Jessica will have a wonderful companion that will be right at your side for the rest of her life.

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