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My name is Pumpkin  


Last Updated: 2017-12-28 - 19:06:24
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female 9-12 Mo Smooth yes no yes 10 plus


What can we say about Pumpkin? Pumpkin is an adorable Saluki-cross, roughly 8 - 12 months old, a pint-sized lurcher with bags of personality. She measures only 21” to the shoulder and weighs roughly 15kg. She is a confident pup who isn’t phased by new situations and we feel will happily fit into a new home with a little bit of adjustment. She is house-trained, settles quickly at night and travels well in the car.Pumpkin is very much a puppy and although she knows a few commands already, she will benefit from someone who will give her clear boundaries and can continue to work on her training. She has been crate trained in her foster home and we would recommend that she continues to be crate-trained when unsupervised to make sure that she doesn’t get up to any mischief! She loves other dogs but can be a bit boisterous when playing so will need to live with another young dog who is either as bonkers as her or confident enough to tell her when to stop!

Although a cross, Pumpkin is very typical of a Saluki and as such, it would be beneficial for her to live with people who understand the nature of the breed or have prior experience with Salukis. She is very energetic for a lurcher and will need to go to an active home where she is given an outlet for her energy - she would be well suited to someone who wants to take part in agility or fly-ball.

Pumpkin is a lovely little dog who has had a tough start and deserves to go to a wonderful home where she will be loved for who she is - if you are interested in hearing more about her, please get in touch.

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