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My name is Tilly  


Last Updated: 2018-02-07 - 20:52:40
Good with
Sex: Age: Coat Type: dogs: cats: kids:
female 5 Yrs Smooth yes no maybe


Tilly is approx 5/6 years old and stands at 23inches tall (tts) she is still a little bit shy and nervous but is gradually improving and will come to you for a fuss. She is happy with the other resident dogs and would be suited to a home with another dog or someone who is around most of the time, we would advise a home with older children and she hasn’t been cat tested. She eats well, settles well at night, enjoys her walks and after a couple of initial accidents she is clean in the house. Tilly is fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and looking for a furever home of her own!


Update 14/01/2018


Beautiful Tilly (front) has spent the last 5 days on holiday in Wales..after spending her mornings wandering around the foothills of Snowdon she was happy to curl up on the sofa and sleep, this lovely girl has met lots of different dogs and people and takes it all in her stride! She travelled superbly in the car and behaved impeccably in the cottage, she is a joy to take for walks and it’s impossible to find fault with her. Although she is still a little shy she does approach new people in her own time and loves a fuss.


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