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eglr small dogs

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My name is Izzy  


Last Updated: 2018-04-30 - 22:46:42
Good with
Sex: Age: Coat Type: dogs: cats: kids:
female 3 Yrs Feather yes no no


Meet brother and sister Kobi (black and tan)and Izzy (brown) about 3 years old. Both had a really bad start in life living in awful conditions from pups then taken in by a rescue whilst they waited for a foster home to become available with us. The rescue managed to get them enjoying their walks but both are very frightened of humans and the outside world, Kobi especially who relies on his sister so they will need to be rehomed together. Izzy is responding well even letting me stroke her a little and wags her tail at times, Kobi will take a  while longer. Both are walking well on the lead and mixing with quiet calm dogs. We will update you soon with their progress.

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