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My name is Fizzy  


Last Updated: 2018-08-11 - 23:23:32
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female 1 Yr Smooth yes maybe maybe


My name is Fizzy and I am little whippet cross, I have spent the last few months recovering from a broken front leg, I had to spend age and ages in a indoor crate waiting for it to heal and not being able to run and play but now thank goodness the vet says its all better and I am out of that blasted crate for good.

I am now making up for lost time and love whizzy around everywhere, I can go 0-60 in about a second and love to run and play with my doggy friends.

 I am a little bundle of energy and I would like a home to match, I would love someone to take me on lovely walks and allow me to explore, life with a broken leg has lead me to have quite a restrictive life for some time but now I am ready willing and able to live my life to the fullest I just need someone to join me on my journey.

Once I am all done with running and playing I love to snuggle up with my humans enjoying lots of kisses and cuddles.

Being still a puppy, I would benefit from some further training on the lead but I seemed to have master the art of house training and traveling in a car.

If you would like to know more about sweet little Fizzy please give us a call.


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