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My name is Sasha  


Last Updated: 2018-10-23 - 12:47:33
Good with
Sex: Age: Coat Type: dogs: cats: kids:
female 9-12 Mo Smooth yes no yes

Sasha is a 11 month old lurcher she stands about 22 inches to the shoulder and is about 16KG and has been neutered.





Sasha has settled quickly into her foster home. She is house trained, quiet over night and can be left for several hours during the day. She will leave the comfort of the sofa when told and is happy to watch us eating without begging.

Sasha walks nicely on the lead but needs distracting when other dogs or animals are around, because she wants to play with them and gets very excited. She is quite vocal in the garden when she can see other dogs passing by, for the same reason. When allowed to play Sasha is a typical Lurcher, “full on”.

Sasha behaved very well in the crowds at a local show and was fairly comfortable with young children around her????????? . Sasha is a very energetic young girl and could easily knock over toddlers or those not to steady on their feet. She would be best suited to an active family. She is happy in the car but must be restrained.


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