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My name is Puglet  


Last Updated: 2017-08-03 - 21:18:01
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No your eyes are not deceiving you, yes this is a Pug in a lurcher rescue, he is one of Pip's special cases! After being found dumped in a terrible state, Pip could not say no to him coming under the EGLR wing and god did this poor little dog need help. His skin was raw and infected after being left to suffer with demedectic mange. He was covered in infection and would bled at the slightest touch. He must have been suffering like this for many months. Not only was he suffering with this debilitating illness it was also found he had major damage to his legs. All of the ligaments in his knees and wrists were broken leaving him permentley disabled.

Puglet as he has been called has a long road to recovery involving lots of treatment for his skin antibiotics and pain relief; sadly there is no treatment for his legs.

We have been very fortunate in receiving great support from the Pug lovers of the world who have made a large contribution to his ongoing care.

Puglet has many more weeks of treatment to go before he is ready for rehoming but when he is ready we will let everyone know as we are not currently taking any enquires about him at this time.


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