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comingoutofthewaterWe just wanted to say a huge congratulations and Thank You to Kate who raised over £100 for EGLR doing the Great North Swim. We have discussed it here at EGLR HQ, and she is definately either very brave or completely mad but either way; Thank you Kate!




KateandBethatLakeWay back in the spring of 2009, after much arm twisting, I was persuaded to enter The Great North Swim www.greatnorthswim.org. Now I’m an OK swimmer ( years of swimming club and life saving have helped that) but the thought of swimming a mile across Lake Windermere terrified me. Aside from the cold, swimming out of my depth, not knowing what’s beneath me scared me. And then there’s the small matter of a mile! But then I thought what a great personal challenge and what a great way to raise funds for two of my favourite charities – The Blue Cross and The EGLR (Evesham lurcher and greyhound rescue). Surely people would part with their hard earned cash to see me flounder in open water or at the very least to see me stretched into a wetsuit….?


LakeswimmingSo several months ago, I started training. One evening a week in the pool and one morning a week in one of the lakes at South Cerney. I knew I’d need to increase my stamina but I didn’t envisage ‘learning’ to swim all over again. I wasn’t prepared for the techniques needed, particularly with crawl, the stroke that we hope to use for the majority of the swim. Getting the breathing right has been the hardest thing and I’m not even quite there yet! Then there’s the distance. A mile is a long way, but at least in a pool you can see the bottom and stop whenever you want. A bonus, I can assure you. Swimming in open water has been a challenge, but a surprisingly enjoyable one too (as long as I don’t linger on the weeds)! A wetsuit adds buoyancy and warmth whilst a swim cap and goggles complete the high fashion look! Although it’s very disheartening when an experienced triathlete overtakes you slicing through the water using front crawl! Still, there’s another 2 months of training to go and we’ll get there, using every stroke we can.


If you love animals and want to help these deserving and hard working charities rescue and rehome them into loving homes then please consider donating. I haven’t really got a target as any money I can raise will be a gratefully received. It would be great though to raise £100 or even more, so please sponsor me for whatever you can.


Could you please sponsor Kate in her efforts to raise money for EGLR in the Great North Swim. Your donation to EGLR will be listed as coming from Kate's efforts.



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