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Evesham Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue
Update and pictures of Cloud

Cloud1This is Cloud after her operation, the poor little girl has had a temperature and an infection in the wound but she has had lots of injections to make her feel better. She is such a sweet girl that loves snuggles and to be cuddled and she really does deserve lots of love, she is a very brave girl. There are also pictures of her xrays here,that give some idea what this poor dog has been through.


News about Cloud
Today 10 week old Cloud underwent major surgery to repair her leg.Her front left leg was broken in three places, the vet does not believe this was the result of a road traffic accident. She has been plated and pinned but it will be 6-8 weeks before we know if the op was a success. So far the bill comes to almost £2000!!... We were the only rescue prepared to give her the chance of life.
A personal message from Pip

Star lay across my lap as I hugged and kissed her and told her I loved her and I said twinkle twinkle my little star, she was gone in seconds at last free from pain and suffering.

Star you were only in my life for such a short time but will be in my heart forever. You didn’t deserve the life that was doled out to you, but the love from everyone that was given and sent to you I hope you knew and felt.

I am beyond devastated I can’t find the words to express how I feel, life was so cruel to Star, I just cannot get my head round this. I feel totally heartbroken and over whelmed with grief. I feel sick to my stomach that this little girl came to me just to late ,a couple of days, a week, who knows it might have made all the difference to her and we might have been able to save her, god bless her.

Do you know what, I would do it all again and face the heartache for that chance to save another dog.

I want Stars picture to stay on here for a while to shock people and make them see how cruel people can be I want Star to be remembered because I will never forget her.Star2




Meet Cloud

CloudAfter reading the events of the last few days you would think that Pip would have run out of room in her heart, but you would be very very wrong, only hours after Stars passing Pip was told about this little girl and she just said "give me the number"

Very Sad News

It is with a very heavy hearts that we have to let you know of the passing of little Star. Sadly she passed away last night, her little body was not able to fight any longer and nothing more could be done for her. Pip and the wonderful vets team did everything possible to save her, however she has now gone to the great lurcher sofa in the sky, and the only relief is that she is no longer suffering.

Pip is exhausted, emotionally and physically and is grieving Stars passing, so understandably is not able to take any calls for the next couple of days, but she wanted us to say a huge thank you to everyone who has sent messages of support and donations for Star which have come close to covering her vets bill.

Star we tried our very best and you were loved in your final days, rest in peace.

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