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Evesham Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue
Meet Dylan

Dylanfront Please meet the lovely Dylan a very sweet but very bold lurcher that has come to us in a terrible state. This poor lad has got a horrific case of mange and is under going a very aggressive treatment plan to get this under control and make him feel a lot better, these pictures have been taken after 3 weeks of vet treatment, as you can see he is nearly completely bald but should in fact have a lovely scruffy coat. The road to recovery will take many weeks and involve a huge amount of veterinary care to get him back to anywhere near normal.Dylanfront1Dylanfront2

We have also put some pictures of him when he first came to us so you can see the state he was in then and how well he is doing so far. We will keep you updated but for now please send lots of healing thoughts to this very special lad. If you think you might be able to give Dylan a forever home please take a look at his full profile on the dogs to adopt page.

News about our Shopping Mall

The EGLR Shopping Mall is currently undergoing a bit of a refurbishment and at present we are not able to take any orders. We hope to have it back up and running soon with lots of new Lurchery things to buy. So please during this time do bare with us and we will let you know just as soon as the doors are open again.

Thank You.

Meet Teala

Teala Not 2 weeks after Tulip's arrival in the rescue we were contacted to help another desperate dog in need, we called her Teala, a very sad sorry state of a saluki cross. She was underweight and covered in infected sarcoptic mange, her skin was red hot and so sore she was taken to our vets where immediate treatment began.Teala1

She was put on regular aludex baths and antibiotics to help get the infection under control. Teala has been completely neglected both physically and mentally, even with all the treatment we are doing she must be so uncomfortable yet she is so quiet not making a sound and is always such a good girl when visiting the vets.

Teala2It will take some time before her skin heals and her fur grows back but we are hopeful for a full recovery.

We will keep you updated on her progress.


Great news Teala has now found her forever home with a wonderful new family.

Meet Tulip

Tulip This pup came in a couple weeks ago with devastating injuries to both her rear legs, the treatment would involve having her legs bandaged every other day for several weeks in the hope that the legs would heal so she could lead a normal life.

Sadly just a few days into her treatment she developed Parvo the life threatening disease that would leave her fighting for her life.Tulip has spent nearly 2 weeks fighting this disease, thankfully she seems like she has won this battle and we hope to have her home soon.Tulip1

On the down side of Tulips recovery is the price we have had to pay to save her life our vet bill for her stay added to the other vet bills has left us with a rather large hole in the rescue's accounts, we do not begrudge a penny we have spent on her but this kind of bill puts a strain on the rescue as a whole.

We will update you soon on her progress.

Great news Tulip has gone on to her forever home.

A Big EGLR Thank You.

BarberaandPete Pip and Linda and evreyone at EGLR would like to send a very big thank you to Barbara, Pete and all their helpers who managed to raise an amazing total of just over £300.00 for EGLR at their local fate in Feckinham.

Every year they raise hundreds of pounds for us and we would like to say massive thank you to them for their continued and ongoing support.

Without the help of people like this we simply would not be able to continue help the dogs we do.


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