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CzarGiven the awful state Czar was in when he first arrived with EGLR and the fantastic job Care his foster mum did in getting him mentally and physically capable of being re-homed, we realise lots of people might wonder how he is getting on.


I hope these photos go some way to reassuring everyone that he is a happy boy, is doing very well, and is a much loved and cherished member of our family. It is such a joy and privilege to have him.


Well, he is an absolute delight and such a funny character. Clare had told us he is a comedian and truly, that is the best description of him. He is in to everything and full of mischief in the best sense. He grins! He adores lying on his back having his tummy rubbed and has learnt that he LOVES being groomed, It took him about a week to reach the point where he took poll position at the front of the grooming queue as soon as the brushes come out.

Czar1In the last week, we have begun letting him off the lead in the safe surroundings of our secure paddocks, we gently introduced him to walking with us off the lead for short periods and he is very slowly becoming braver. We take Bell the terrierdor with us on these walks, Bell does nothing but chase and retrieve her ball and Czar loves this, so bit by bit Bell encouraged him to go with her and now he has arrived at a routine where he runs to the ball with Bell then heads off in a massive circle all the way around us, before arriving back at our side, very pleased with himself indeed.

Czar’s first morning here was heralded by a covering of snow – little did we know just how much more snow we were in for! Anyhow.

Czar2We ended up with a couple of feet of snow – the most on record on Anglesey – and the dogs thought it was the best fun ever and of course, they got very wet!

When Czar first arrived, he selected his sleeping space in the cosy corner next to Brindle 19 1/2 years young and the sleeping order has stayed that way ever since.

Kate comes home with a brand new selection of dog toys! Whoopee! One new toy each – be patient, take turns. Czar with nose in bag, making his choice!




The place to hang out is next to the Aga – especially when something is cooking inside!  Hence there is invariably a pile of dogs on the rug in front of the Aga, Czar got the hang of this very quickly.








Czar gives Kate a cuddle. Notice his huge grin. The first time he jumped up and gave Kate a cuddle it was such a surprise. He is soooo gentle when he gives us cuddles he barely rests his paws on us with virtually no weight on our shoulders at all.Czar3


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