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OttoJust a quick hello from Otto.
We just wanted to let you know how well he has settled in.   Considering what a bad start he had and how you told us he was when you first took him in, would never know it.   The work you have done with him in foster care has worked wonders.
He was quite unsettled in the car on the way here (to Wales) and I was a bit worried.   However, as soon as he arrived home, had a little walk first with his new sisters and it was if he was saying - "This looks pretty good, I think I will be alright here!"Otto5
I am sure he will settle even more in time but he has made himself right at home.   He sleeps by the side of my bed usually upside down and wakes me up by pushing a shoe or a slipper at me to tell me its time for his walk!   I think he has a foot fetish he frantically searches for a shoe when he is excited and we can never find a matching pair anymore!!    He gets on well with our 2 greyhounds although they do look at him like disapproving grannies sometimes when he is being a bit 'enthusiastic', they all have the run of thouse house when we are out at work and he is good as gold.   (Apart from eating a loaf of bread)
He has a lovely time in the garden, 1/2 acre for him to run around in, he drives our other greyhound mad, barking at her until she chases him!
Anyway, thanks for everything you have done for him.   We have rehomed 3 dogs before, all from dogs trust and Otto has settled in the quickest out of any of them so you are doing an amazing job!  And if he wags his tail any more it will fall off.Otto3

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