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Many of you will remember Grace who had been left to die in a shed with a burst tumor, well we are happy to say she is very much on the up now. We recently received this update from her forever home.

It's 6 months since we took on grumpy (she doesn't like other dogs) and I'm pleased to report she's a happy girl and we love her very much, her ongoing vet bills are a nightmare but we're ticking them off one by one. She has recently had a lens removed from her eye that became detached, and, has been a different dog, although she has no sight in it, but unfortunately in Gracie style had an allergic reaction to the numerous injections and now has open sores on her neck, the vet had to shave a huge area of fur (Gracie won't mind me saying but she isn't the prettiest bunny in the box and this hasn't helped). But Gracie being Gracie she bravely plods on and with enormous amounts of TLC she'll be fine. We still have to get her spayed and she has a couple of small mammary tumours (we're 95% sure they are benign) that will be addressed after Christmas. Being a more mature lady we were a little worried about her settling in, (if you could see her spark out on the sofa) we needn't have worried, she adores her walks belting around at high speed! Yes she can sure shift for an olden!!!! She loves the car, inspecting my progress at the allotment where we are most days, food, sleeping on the bed and cuddles, not a bad life eh!


Regards Elly Tinley
(from Gracie's forever home)



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