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(A Slightly Chewed Website)
The end of the tail?
mrun... or the beginning of 'happy ever after'...

With the new site, we want to include a "Happy endings" section with some re-homing success stories.  If you'd like to see your EGLR dog featured here, drop us a story    
( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and some photos, OK, lots of photos, we love the photos...

Oh, and remember, you can click on the pictures to see bigger versions !


amber1Hello all at EGLR.

amber2You may remember me. I thought I found my forever home in the spring of 2009 but had to come back to EGLR.

Brian (Formerly Brains)

Adopted by us on Christmas Eve 2007.  He had been in his foster home less than a week. Brian was in good condition but very unsure and worried.

Brian thinks gardening is a bit strange but eventually sighs and tries to see the point of it!


junawithtoyHi everyone at EGLR. junainsnow2

I’d just like to send a quick note to say that I am now happily settled in my new home.

My transformation from ‘terrified shadow’ to ‘cheeky monkey’ took a little while to get going, but is now well under way.

Floss (was Perdy)
FlossHi guys,
Just a quick note to let you all know how I'm settling in with my new owners.
The first 24 hours I was very nervous as it was all new and I had to go in the car on a long drive but Blue, their other dog, looked after me and let me know it was ok.  
Lombard (was Noah)

DSCF0030Having been without a lurcher in the house for 8 years after our bedlington/whippet cross lurcher died, the lovely Lombard (formerly Noah) came to us on 30th December 09, and has made himself very much at home and part of the family.


IMG_0029It’s been far too long since I’ve been in touch, after I was adopted from my foster carer Vicky. My new family James and Catherine have got married and we have moved to a big house with a large garden for me to tear around in. I am still finding it tricky not to sprint up and down the stairs, but still, they need to be tackled if I want to sneak upstairs and lie on their bed.


On-the-beachHello this is Otis here, now living in the Shetland Islands. Yes....the Shetland Islands, but I have a lovely rough hairy coat that is keeping me warm during this cold, windy and snowy winter.

Sadie (aka Scooby)

firstnightDear Angela, Pip and Liz,
Gosh christmas came around so fast!! I have been meaning to email you for an update on Sadie and have finally got around to it!
Sadie is doing fabulously, she now has bags of energy and tears around like a mad thing!

Bob - now Bobby!

HnBsunbathingHi All, I couldn't resist giving you an update on Bob who we adopted from Clare just before we got married over two years ago now.

We smuggled him into the ceremony and only got found out at the crucial stage - when asked if anyone knew of any reason why my husband and I should not be wed - guess who chimed in - Bobby!

He loves his cuddles, walks - oh and chicken and vegetables on a Sunday night.

Life is one big sofa for him when he is not playing and bossing about his little whippet brother!



doggieMy (ex) wife and I dropped into see Pip and donate some money after the death of my old lurcher Spyder some 6 years ago.

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