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(A Slightly Chewed Website)
The end of the tail?
mrun... or the beginning of 'happy ever after'...

With the new site, we want to include a "Happy endings" section with some re-homing success stories.  If you'd like to see your EGLR dog featured here, drop us a story    
( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and some photos, OK, lots of photos, we love the photos...

Oh, and remember, you can click on the pictures to see bigger versions !

Lola (was Kiera)

LolaNov8Hi Pip.

We adopted Kiera (now Lola) in August '08 from her foster home with Lynn.

Shreya Sunshine
shreyasunshine1Hi all,

Just wanted to give you an update on our girl.  She has settled in fantastically with our two dobes Lady aged 9yrs and Dewi aged 8yrs.
tiaWe adopted Tia nearly 3 years ago now and have loved every minute of having her.  She was 10 when we got her, and is now a young 12 1/2.  I would definitely recommend getting an 'oldie'!
Pagan (was Cassie)

Dear Pip,

paganI don't know if you remember me. I used to be called Cassie and I was a bit wild and crazy.

I came to live in Kent eight years ago. I live in a big old house by a beach. I have lots of space.

Jemima (aka Gem)

Dear All,


DSCN1569DSCN1570We adopted Jemima in December 07 (my best Christmas present ever!).

As Becky thought, she has turned out to be a brilliant dog.

Hi from Whisper
Hi from Whisper........

DSC00304Just thought I'd drop a few lines about how I'm, doing.......
Well, my mom collected me from Bec and her family's place right at the end of  November and I would like to thank more than woofs can say a huge and hearty  thank you to the family and to aunty Pip for rescuing me and helping me when  I so needed it....... Nuff about the past.
Fee's story of Michael

About 8 years ago, I was coming back from a music festival with a car full of damp tent, muddy boots and a few empty bottles!

A dog ran out in front of me and how I managed to stop the car safely, I have no idea. I was able to catch (having first disentangled myself from the tent/boots/gin bottles) this bedraggled brown lurcher dog. He was very scarily thin, stank like a polecat, bleeding from infected mange and showed signs of several beatings.

020209Snowtime008MyBallWe were lucky enough to adopt Pola in 2007. We drove to Birmingham and met Pola, her sister Ice and brother Bertie who were all living with Becky and her family. The pups were only 3 months old and looked and behaved excellently.

It was wonderful to see all the dogs living together in a loving home.

Dear EGLR,

Sablerunning-640Sablefinal-640Just wanted to give you a quick update on Sable who we adopted last August. She has settled into her new home very happily and we just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved in rescuing, fostering and finally matching her up with us.

Many Thanks,

Laura, Guy & Sable!


Sablemischief-640 Sablesmiling-640 Sablethinking-640

Macey (Minnie Mouse)
Hi there

macey1Just wanted to show how tiny Minnie Mouse, now Macey, is getting on....we were lucky enough to take her home last August and she is now inseparable from our other dog Sky the rescue greyhound! They make a beautiful pair when out together and Macey can certainly hold her own when it comes to running, keeping by Sky's side as they chase rabbits and squirrels!
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