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(A Slightly Chewed Website)
The end of the tail?
mrun... or the beginning of 'happy ever after'...

With the new site, we want to include a "Happy endings" section with some re-homing success stories.  If you'd like to see your EGLR dog featured here, drop us a story    
( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and some photos, OK, lots of photos, we love the photos...

Oh, and remember, you can click on the pictures to see bigger versions !

JakeJust a year ago we collected Jake - a very insecure 5 yr old Saluki Lurcher - from Linda at EGLR.  Jake was the new companion for Kelly, our 10 yr old Saluki Lurcher and she was his friend & mentor, helping him to come out from under the stairs and enjoy the world.  Sadly, 10 weeks later Kelly had a massive stroke whilst chasing a squirrel (I guess, for a Lurcher, if you have to go then that's the way to do it?).
Sweet Pea (Henrietta)
S1050493S1050576A very big thanks to all concerned at EGLR.  She is a wonderful old lady and the perfect choice for Rolo!

Best wishes.

Fran Clements

(I asked Fran if she would tell us a little more about her reasons for choosing an 'oldie' - the older dogs are very often overlooked, but they need food, warmth and a bed just as much as the next set of paws. Fran sent me this update...)

Hiya ~ I did send you a picture recently of my "Pips" but would like to include 2 this time as you may be able to use them in your "End of the Tail" page.

pips1"Pips" was half way through teething when I came and collected her, so I estimated she was approx 5 months old.

Eric (Goliath)

GoliathWe would just like to say a big thank you to everyone at EGLR. We were really upset when we lost our last dog. Sophie took a special place in our hearts but we now have another great love in our lives, Eric. He has settled so quickly and is so gentle and friendly, fitting in well with us and the cat.

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