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Grateful Thanks but with Sad News

Skye Although not personally known to us, we were shocked and saddened to hear of the tragic death of Pauline Wilson, whilst travelling to Cornwall from Hampshire in September. Pauline was a true lover of lurchers and greyhounds, having been involved in the adoption of both Judy in 1994, and Skye in 2007, from Margaret at Greyhound Rescue (Glos. South).

Pauline's family found she had left a wish that, in the event of any disaster and her subsequent funeral, donations in lieu of flowers should be sent to G.R. Glos. South. She was much loved and respected and an amazing total of £1000 was donated by friends and family. Because of her special love of lurchers, it was decided to be most appropriate for G.R.G.S. to share this incredibly generous donation with EGLR. We have received a cheque for £500. We wish to express our sincere thanks to all who were involved – and our deepest condolences to Pauline's family and friends.Skye1

We were pleased to hear that Skye has been adopted by a friend of Pauline's, who works at Hall Place; so, by kind agreement with all concerned, she will spend some time there, where she is known and understood.


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