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Prince Slinky Mouse

Slinky Hi all, I am a tiny kitten sized 5 week old male lurcher puppy who has a terrible start of my life. I was starved, ill treated, not cared for or loved (are you shedding a tear yet?). My belly was full of worms, I had mange, a very sore stomach and to top it off some vile creature calling themselves a human tried to do a bodge up job of hacking the due claws of my front Paws off, not very successfully the chances of my survival were like Karro's very slim.Slinky1

However I want to live and want a life and am determined to fight for it. After a week at the vets, I have been living with my foster mum and life is good. I get loads of food, toys to play with, teddies to cuddle up with and I can make mischief and mayhem as I much as I like.

I do get tired easily because I am so weak and my belly is still poorly. Those nasty worms living in my belly are still coming out (yuk!). I am slowly putting on weight but my body and strength are taking time to recover. My sores are healing and my legs are getting stronger by the day.

Slinky2I hate taking all my medicine but my foster mum says it will help me get big and strong and trust me I have every intention of doing so. Slinky's foster mum says I have a long way to go but for a tiny little boy I have a big character and am determined to get better.

Slinky is a happy little soul and I cant help picking him up and cuddling him and telling him constantly how much we love him.


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