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ArchieIt is with great sadness that I must inform you that Archie, one of Pips gang, and one of our sponsor dogs has passed over to the rainbow bridge.

Archie arrived many years ago with a bit of a rap sheet and a reputation of being a bit of a bad lad, but like always, Pip opened her door and her heart to this rebel without a cause and gave him a place of safety that he so desperately needed.

Over the years Archie settled down and was soon to be a reformed character completely loyal to Pip, who he loved without question, I am sure to thank her for giving him a chance when everyone else had written him off as a hopeless case.

For those of us that were lucky enough to meet and get to know this lovely boy, he will be sorely missed, this special boy will never be forgotten.

As you can imagine, Archie's passing has taken a piece of Pips heart and left a huge hole. I know that at the moment Pip finds it difficult to talk about this very sad time, and she will need time to recover from this sad passing.

We all send our love to Pip and the other members of the Singleton household.



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