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Meet Tulip

Tulip This pup came in a couple weeks ago with devastating injuries to both her rear legs, the treatment would involve having her legs bandaged every other day for several weeks in the hope that the legs would heal so she could lead a normal life.

Sadly just a few days into her treatment she developed Parvo the life threatening disease that would leave her fighting for her life.Tulip has spent nearly 2 weeks fighting this disease, thankfully she seems like she has won this battle and we hope to have her home soon.Tulip1

On the down side of Tulips recovery is the price we have had to pay to save her life our vet bill for her stay added to the other vet bills has left us with a rather large hole in the rescue's accounts, we do not begrudge a penny we have spent on her but this kind of bill puts a strain on the rescue as a whole.

We will update you soon on her progress.

Great news Tulip has gone on to her forever home.


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