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Meet Teala

Teala Not 2 weeks after Tulip's arrival in the rescue we were contacted to help another desperate dog in need, we called her Teala, a very sad sorry state of a saluki cross. She was underweight and covered in infected sarcoptic mange, her skin was red hot and so sore she was taken to our vets where immediate treatment began.Teala1

She was put on regular aludex baths and antibiotics to help get the infection under control. Teala has been completely neglected both physically and mentally, even with all the treatment we are doing she must be so uncomfortable yet she is so quiet not making a sound and is always such a good girl when visiting the vets.

Teala2It will take some time before her skin heals and her fur grows back but we are hopeful for a full recovery.

We will keep you updated on her progress.


Great news Teala has now found her forever home with a wonderful new family.


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