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Wilma's Story

WilmaWilma was so pitiful to see and heartbreaking. This little female lurcher was so emaciated and in a terrible state. She has pressure sores protruding from her bones and scabs all over her body and ears.

No words can I find to say yet again how I feel about the abhorrent treatment of such a precious little soul, Wilma your life starts now and we promise you will never go hungry be in pain or be without warmth or love every again.

Wilma has been with the rescue for several weeks now and is doing really well. She is still a bit underweight but is now full of life and enjoys running and playing with the other dogs in her foster home. She stands around 22 inches to the shoulder and has the most amazing eyes. This special little girl deserves a wonderful new forever home.

Have a look at her full profile photos on her dogs to adopt page.


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