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New arrivals

Heaven About 4/5 weeks ago we took in two heavily pregant lurchers, Heaven & Aris. Both have now had their pups and we currently have 17 beautiful little lurchers just finding their paws. Both Aris & Heaven are excellent mums and all their pups are doing well. Pictured here is Heaven with her pups that are now about 3 weeks old. They are clearly too young just now to leave their mums but in due course and once they start to show their own characters we will start to post details of them in our dogs to adopt section. So if you are thinking about adopting a puppy keep a look out for them as we will have some individual details on them soon.Heaven1

We are also seeing a large number of adult dogs coming in from the pounds so along with these and our new babies our supplies are starting to become stretched. We were incredibly humbeld by your generosity at our Fun Dog Show with the donations that came in of bedding and towels, puppy pads and food but would like to ask if you have any of these we would be so grateful for them or a simple donation of cash via our Paypal link is always helpful with our ever increasing vet bills.

Thank you once again for your on going help and support as without it, we would not be able to help dogs like Heaven and Aris and their puppies.


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