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Meet Autumn

Autumn Poor Autumn, only 4 months old and already is very lucky to be with us. Before she arrived with us she suffered a broken leg which then got infected, sadly there was nothing the vets could do and we were left with no choice but to amputate her rear leg. Autumn is doing well on her 3 legs and is learning to get around. She is on antibiotics for a minimum of 3 weeks due to the infection in her bones. She has not lived in-doors before so is going to need time to settle in. She cannot live with young kids as she is quite nervous,she loves dogs, but is not currently house trained. She is quite a worried little love and frightened of men at present.Autumn2

Autumn is recovering well from her amputation and although is not quite ready to go to her forever home we are now taking calls about her so if you would like to know more about Autumn please give Pip a ring.


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