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Guy's Story

Guy This is Guy, a beautiful handsome lurcher that was dumped and found straying over Guy Fawkes week. He was on the run for 4 days before he was caught. On examination at the vets he was found to have 4 fractures of the pelvis and a problem with his femur, this would have been extremely painful and caused this poor dog to have a lot of discomfort, it was also effecting his ability to toilet. This dog deserved to be given a chance of life. His temperament has been outstanding through all of his treatment, including undergoing surgery to have a plate inserted to stabilise his pelvis and to sort out his femur.Guy1

This treatment is going to cost around £2000 but how can you put a cost on his precious life, you all know how I feel about pound signs being put in front of saving a dog's life. We have 6000 EGLR Facebook followers and you know the power of Facebook. We are hoping that all of our followers will donate a pound to Guys fund. If everybody only donated a pound, no more no less it, would mean that we could pay Guys vet bill in full and if we are lucky to reach to the top target of £6000 it would see us through Xmas and the new year and boost our dwindling funds, due to the volume of sick and injured dogs that we have taken in over the last year and with no end in sight every penny will really make a difference.

Guy2Come on EGLR supporters lets prove just how amazing we are and what we can achieve together. It's easy to donate via PayPal just click on the link on the left.


All my love Pip.




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