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News about Prince Slinky

Slinky5 Our very special puppy dog Slinky is doing very well, he is loving all of his food and has put on lots of weight. There are still some concerns over his calcium levels as his joints and bones are still quite weak so he has to have restricted exercise and lots of crate rest but aside from this he is a normal bouncy pup who loves his cuddles and kisses.

We will keep you updated on his progress but so far so good for this lovely little boy.Slinky4

06/01/2013 GREAT NEWS. We are delighted to report that our Prince Slinky has has found his forever home. He is a very happy boy!

Prince Slinky Mouse

Slinky Hi all, I am a tiny kitten sized 5 week old male lurcher puppy who has a terrible start of my life. I was starved, ill treated, not cared for or loved (are you shedding a tear yet?). My belly was full of worms, I had mange, a very sore stomach and to top it off some vile creature calling themselves a human tried to do a bodge up job of hacking the due claws of my front Paws off, not very successfully the chances of my survival were like Karro's very slim.Slinky1

However I want to live and want a life and am determined to fight for it. After a week at the vets, I have been living with my foster mum and life is good. I get loads of food, toys to play with, teddies to cuddle up with and I can make mischief and mayhem as I much as I like.

I do get tired easily because I am so weak and my belly is still poorly. Those nasty worms living in my belly are still coming out (yuk!). I am slowly putting on weight but my body and strength are taking time to recover. My sores are healing and my legs are getting stronger by the day.

Slinky2I hate taking all my medicine but my foster mum says it will help me get big and strong and trust me I have every intention of doing so. Slinky's foster mum says I have a long way to go but for a tiny little boy I have a big character and am determined to get better.

Slinky is a happy little soul and I cant help picking him up and cuddling him and telling him constantly how much we love him.

Don't miss out

2013 Calendar 50944bc324689 Our 2013 Calenders and Christmas Cards have been selling like hot cakes and our stocks are running down and when they are gone they're gone! So if you would like to get some very lovely cards or one of our Calenders have a look at our online shop for full details and get your orders in quick.

We are also having an EGLR Christmas Fayre on Sunday 2nd December at Rodborough Community Hall - Stroud. 10am - 2pm. So do come along, bring the kids along as well to see Santa and browse our Christmas stalls whilst helping raise valuable funds for the dogs in our care. See you there!

Christmas Presents

Hartley Christmas is now only 28 sleeps away and if you are like us panicking over what gift to buy for those special people in your lives then why not get them an EGLR Sponsor dog pack. For just £15.00 you could sponsor one our very special dogs.

There are 9 dogs to choose from, for your £15.00 you will receive a certificate, key ring a Christmas card and your chosen dog's story and the knowledge that your gift will make a difference to a dog's life. Please do take a look at our Dogs to Sponsor page for all the information and full details of all our Sponsor dogs.

If you would like your sponsorship for a Christmas present please order before the 12th December to ensure you receive you pack prior to the big day.

Grateful Thanks but with Sad News

Skye Although not personally known to us, we were shocked and saddened to hear of the tragic death of Pauline Wilson, whilst travelling to Cornwall from Hampshire in September. Pauline was a true lover of lurchers and greyhounds, having been involved in the adoption of both Judy in 1994, and Skye in 2007, from Margaret at Greyhound Rescue (Glos. South).

Pauline's family found she had left a wish that, in the event of any disaster and her subsequent funeral, donations in lieu of flowers should be sent to G.R. Glos. South. She was much loved and respected and an amazing total of £1000 was donated by friends and family. Because of her special love of lurchers, it was decided to be most appropriate for G.R.G.S. to share this incredibly generous donation with EGLR. We have received a cheque for £500. We wish to express our sincere thanks to all who were involved – and our deepest condolences to Pauline's family and friends.Skye1

We were pleased to hear that Skye has been adopted by a friend of Pauline's, who works at Hall Place; so, by kind agreement with all concerned, she will spend some time there, where she is known and understood.

More news about Snoopy

Snoopy5 Snoopy is putting on weight gradually, his stomach is getting stronger and better, he tires quickly because he is still quite weak. He is a happy little soul, still very hand shy and doesn't like being stroked or cuddled, this is going to take time and patience. Whatever this baby has been through has been severe and obviously effected him very badly, poor lad. He is so young to have had such a horrendous start to his life.

Snoopy loves the other dogs and gets quite upset when they go out without him. He is still on special prescription diet of i/d tinned food. A tray is very expensive so please feel free to donate either the food or money it really would help and it looks like he's going to have to stay on this food for sometime. We will keep you updated on his progress.


Missing Dog We need You Help

DarceyDarcey slipped her lead today 02/11 after being frightened by another dog, she went missing in the Stratton St Margaret area near Swindon Wiltshire. Please call Pip or Linda if you see her or have any news about her whereabouts, her new owners are distraught at her loss and we hope this lovely girl is found very soon.

STOP PRESS:- Thankfully we have found our Darcey and she is now back safe and sound with her forever mum & dad. We would like to say thank you to everyone that help in her search and safe recovery.

Further news about Snoopy

A quick update on Snoopy, so far so good. He is on 2 hourly feeds and managing to keep his food down. He is being fed on the special food from the vets and will need to stay on this food until he is back up to normal weight.

Snoopy spent nearly a week in the vets on a drip and with the cost of the other medication that he had and the special food that he has to have, his vets bills are very high

If you can spare a few pennies please can you donate them to Spoopy's appeal through PayPal.

He also has sent a personal request, if anyone would be so kind as to send him a knitted coat to help keep him warm in the garden he would be very happy.

We will update you soon on his progress.

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