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A Big EGLR Thank You

PeteandBarbera Pip and Linda and evryone at EGLR would like to send a very big thank you to Barbara, Pete their dog Jessica who managed to raise an amazing total of £500 for EGLR at their local fate in Feckinham.

Every year they raise hundreds of pounds for us and we would like to say massive thank you to them for their continued and ongoing support.

Without the help of people like this we simply would not be able to continue help the dogs we do.


Calender Competition

We are running a Calendar competition. There are 12 months to enter and the winners of each month will be put onto a 2013 Calendar which will be available for public purchase with proceeds going to Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue. A variety of photos may also be selected to produce a range of greeting cards with the owners consent.

The competition is open for entries from Wednesday 9th May and closing for entries will be 18th June at midday.

All breeds welcome to enter, rainbow bridge also.

How is Harry doing?

Harry5Harry has spent the last 3 ½ months slowly recovering from his terrible injuries and we are pleased to say that he has made wonderful progress. He has amazed the veterinary team and everyone that has been involved in his care.

Harry's eyes and ears have healed well but this is a constant battle to ensure they are kept clean moist and infection free, he relies on several medications that have to be administered daily and he has fake tears that are applied every 4 hours. This will have to be continued for the rest of his life. The damage that was done to his eyes and eyelids is irreversible and therefore it will mean he will never see again. Harry also uses a DAPP collar that gets changed every 4 weeks which we have found helps him immensely and has been a real benefit to him during his recovery.

Harry's Story

In early February of this year we were contacted by an animal welfare office to see if we could assist with fostering a dog, not a lurcher, but a poor soul that was in desperate need of help and support.

At first it was hard to recognise him as a living breathing creature and the smell that was emanating around the room was almost unbearable. The veterinary team were deeply moved by the plight of this dog and wanted to help but were also unsure if keeping him alive was the right thing to do.

A decision was made to try and save his life and the process to bring this dog back from the brink was made.


New Puppies Just Arrived

Salukipups On Thursday evening we took in 5 puppies that needed to come out of a terrible situation urgently. There were 10 puppies originally but the owners left them outside so subsequently 5 had already died. They were supposedly 9 weeks old, but guess what, they are only 3 to 4. They arrived emaciated, flea ridden and had severe mange. They had scabs all over their bodies and were near to death. I really didn't think they would make it through the night. I bottle fed them every 2 hours and wormed on vets advice as they were vomiting up worms constantly.

On Friday morning Bug, who I had named myself, sadly died in my arms. The 4 we have left have huge distended bellies but are eating and drinking. We are all keeping our fingers crossed and praying a lot.

I have named them Eeny, Meeny, Miny and Moe.

The sad and awful thing is that worming and treating mum for mange, which is so simple and easy to do, would have saved Bug and given the 4 others a better chance of survival it is just so sickening to see.

Time and time again we are being faced with such extreme neglect and suffering and for £20 to £30 to treat these animals at the outset they wouldn't need to suffer or die.

We do need your support and money if we are going to survive the recession and enable us to carry on helping dogs like these, so please whatever you can afford to donate please donate now.


Springley and her Pups

Springleypups We are delighted to let you know that Springley and her puppies are doing well, as you will no doubt be able to see from her photographs she is a wonderful mum.Springleypups1

We will of course keep you updated on their progress as they start to grow and develop their own personalities and in due course, when they are ready, will place individual profiles on the dogs to adopt page for them.


Cruelty Case

We have recently taken in a cruelty case and he is presently under EGLR's care, but due to the owners being under investigation for undue suffering under the animal welfare act, we are unfortunately unable to publicise any pictures or other details of this case to ensure we are not at risk of prejudicing the case.

If you could see the photos of this poor dog it would break your heart and we hope that those responsible will receive the full punishment available under the law.


Tinger We are devastated that beautiful Tinger has come back to us. This girl got into all our hearts at EGLR and has been through so much in her short life. We really thought she had found the right forever home but sadly this was not the case and she has come back very stressed, upset, worried and frightened.

For those of you that don't remember Tinger's story she came in with a head injury so severe that she had to have her eye removed, she struggled with the pain and the loss of her eye and didn't cope well at the vets at all.

To read her full profile have a look on our dogs to adopt page and if you think you could give her the forever home she deserves do get in touch.

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