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Christmas Presents

ChristmasSponsorAdJust how close is Christmas now! Are you desperately thinking of what to buy as that stocking filler you just can't find? Well, as well as all the lovely goodies available to buy from our online shop, don't forget about our Sponsor Dogs. They still need your help and a years sponsorship is only £15.00 and would make perfect present. So click onto our Sponsor Dog page for full details of how to go about it. To be sure of getting all the adoption material in time for Christmas we would recommend you get your request in soon, certainly no later than 14th December.

Thank you from all at EGLR and a WOOF from the Sponsor Dogs.

Special Auction Item

WOW! We have been donated one very special auction item that we wanted to tell you about. We have got a pair of tickets to go to see Rihanna on her sold out tour at Birmingham NIA on Tuesday 29th November. These are not just any tickets either, they have VIP passes with the opportunity of rubbing shoulders with the lady herself at the after concert reception. So if you are interested you will need to act quickly as the auction for this lot will close on Sunday evening. Full details of the tickets and how to bid can be found on our Facebook page. Click on this link to take you to page.

Good Luck and happy bidding.

Auction Reminder

Just a very quick reminder about the EGLR auction that is running currently. We have many fantastic lots for you to bid on so click here for all the details on the items and how to bid.

Don't miss out, the auction closes 30th November.


EGLR Shop Problems

We are very happy to say that we have very nearly sorted out our problems with our online shop! We have made the shop live again so you can once again browse all the lovely goodies on offer. Our slight continuing problem will be encountered by any user of Internet Explorer version 8 if paying with PayPal, so apologies if that is you, we are working hard to fix things with this. However if you use Internet Explorer version 9, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari you will be absolutely fine. You can still use any web browser if you wanted to pay by cheque as the problems we have are related to the use of PayPal.

Apologies once again, and we will let you know as soon as things are 100% ok.



A Message From Pip

Things just keep getting worse, I have decided I am cancelling Christmas and ignoring it altogether.

Stitch (aptly named) came into us with horrific open wounds all over his body. We don’t know how he came by them or what did them to him. Our vet put the injuries at around 5/7 days old. The pain he must have had in those first days prior to coming to us really doesn't bare thinking about. Our vet had to operate immediately and cut all the old dead infected skin away before they could stitch up the open wounds up. He is still on anti-inflammatory, pain killers and antibiotics but under the circumstances he is  coping really well. He is a cheeky happy little chappy and doesn't seem to be damaged mentally just physically.

We have also had 7 lurcher pups in that are 4 weeks old, they have Sarcoptic mange, worm burden and fleas. These poor little mites were in a very poor bedraggled state and very lucky to be alive, the 2 foster families that are looking after them are doing a brilliant job and the future looks far rosier for them from now on thanks to their foster moms.

To add to all my worries Red has been quite poorly. He has had a serve infection which coupled with his age has knocked him for 6. I am spoiling him rotten and letting him eat whatever he wants, even a iced fresh cream bun, I know, he’s got me wrapped around his paw!

Yesterday we had a beautiful saluki crossed greyhound male brought into us, his front leg was badly swollen and wasn't weight bearing at all and was  in extreme pain. After pain relief and sedation was administered his leg was x-rayed from his elbow going up towards his shoulder. The x-ray showed in my vets words ''the elbow is shot to pieces'' I have never seen x-rays so bad. Unfortunately we have had no choice but to amputate the leg and shoulder. He is no means out of the woods yet, the operation went ahead today and there has been some complications but we are all praying he will, over a period of time, be able to make a full recovery.

I cant put into words how stressed we all are at EGLR at present we are literally being pulled from pillar to post and cannot see a brighter future we just to seem to be getting by, by a wing and a prayer ‘‘ I know I seem to be praying a lot lately’’.

I just don’t know how to express  with words how I feel, these dogs have done nothing to deserve the hand they have been dealt, they are all so lovely, trusting and sweet natured. What world are we living in that is allowing this to happen to such extremes and so often?

I will leave you all with this thought.



News about Comet

Comet4We are delighted to let you know that Comet is doing really well, better than we had even hoped for, and fingers crossed, should be ready for adoption in about 3 to 4 weeks time. We are so pleased with him and will, of course, keep you updated as he progresses further. 

We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who has sent donations and good wishes for Comet. We can not tell you how important this has been in helping to bring him through the worst.


EGLR Auction

Are you looking for a great gift idea, well look no further! EGLR are having an auction for various items very kindly donated by to us, to raise some money for Comets care.

We have been running this so far on our Facebook page but we realise that not everyone uses this so wanted to let you know about it and how to bid if you wanted to get hold of one of the wonderful prizes. We have a wide range of lots from homemade cakes to personal training sessions, dog training sessions and handmade jewelry and many more besides. For full details of the 24 Lots currently available please click here where you will find all you need to know about how to bid.

The auction is going to run to 30th November so get bidding and good luck!

A message from Pip

CometI cannot believe that we are nearly at the end of 2011, it really has been a terrible year and we just haven’t stopped, the run of dogs has been endless and although we have been able to save more dogs than ever before I can’t help but feel so sad for those many more that we haven’t had the space to save. The cruelty cases this year have been constant and heartbreaking for all involved, there was Pixie, Bluebell, Cloud, Tinger, Feather, Pluto, Booboo, Coco, Freya, Thimble, Piglet, Katie and Star to name but a few. For those of you that didn’t know the story of Star she was a sweet innocent young whippet cross that had been starved to the point of no return.Comet1We loved and looked after her for a week but she lost her fight to live and sadly we had to let her go.

A week ago a little whippet cross male, which we have named Comet in her memory was found as a stray in the same town as Star, his body weight is less than a quarter of what it should be, he is emaciated with every bone in his body protruding. Comet has been on a drip day and night for 4 days, he has sarcopitic mange and kennel cough and is being fed small meals every 3 hours. He is obviously very weak and has a lot going against him but we are all keeping our fingers crossed and praying for him to pull through.

You might ask yourself why people would do this and why is it happening more frequently. The answer is I don’t honestly know, except that with the recession, money being tight and that life is very difficult at the moment, may be partly to blame, but to inflict such intentional cruelty goes beyond comprehension and reason.Comet2

Our vet’s bills this year have been astronomical and at times I have had sleepless nights worrying about where the money is coming from. But no matter how bad things are or tight things become someone somewhere becomes our guardian angel and helps us out. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart all of you out there who at some time or another have been our guardian angels. Whether it be a donation that you have made, food and bedding that you have offered, a forever home you have given, an offer of transportation, a fundraising event that you have organised or supported or just a prayer that you have sent. I send a big thank you to you all.

Life can be hard and cruel but on the flip side so wonderful and amazing. I hope we all have more wonderful and amazing times than the terrible ones but please, please keep supporting our dogs they need you and we need you to.



We will, of course, keep you up to date with Comets progress, but if you wanted to find out more about him and find out how he's doing do please drop us an e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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