Gaspar is such a sweet, trusting boy. He loves to be cuddled and makes little happy noises. He considers every sofa to be his personal property and loves to curl up next to you. He sleeps in my bedroom and likes to come onto my bed for a cuddle. Any new owner must be willing to let him sit on the sofa, if not the bed. He loves his ball and will throw it for himself in the house if nobody is playing with him. He’ll destroy a tennis ball in minutes, and his favourite ball is the seemingly-indestructible Chuckit ball, which he happily chews for ages. He gets on well with most dogs, male or female, but what he really needs is a large, very secure garden that he can explore whilst following his owner, who spends most of the day in the garden. He also needs at least a couple of walks a day, one of which needs to include some off-lead time somewhere secure so he can have a good run. He loves to hunt and has a strong prey drive. He has a lot of energy, and likes to throw his bed around for a couple of minutes most days. He is very food-driven and a quick learner, so I feel it would be easy to give him further obedience training.  

  A typical lurcher, nothing remotely food-like is safe if it’s left in reach. He will raid the bin, too, for anything that smells good. He’s a stealth food thief and will casually walk up to you and take something off your plate as you’re eating it, and you don’t even notice until after he’s taken it. He’s a Houdini and can escape through the smallest gap in a hedge. Many is the time I’ve had to run down the street in the village in my pyjamas at 10:00 at night after he’s found yet another gap and gone for a run, having been let out for his bedtime wee. So, a super secure, large garden with a 6′ fence, not a hedge, is required.  

  Gaspar’s health is good, but he does have heartworm so it’s really important he has his worming tablets every month. He needs to be on tablets containing Milbemycin – Milpro is a brand he’s had in the past. These are approximately £15/month, or a little more. It is also very important that he is not given chemical flea treatments. He is highly allergic to the ingredient Afoxolaner, which gives him seizures. If necessary, I use a natural flea collar (e.g. the Toldi one from Amazon, which lasts 8 months) or Billy No Mates. He has a slightly sensitive tummy, but doesn’t require a special diet. I feed him a raw diet and he does very well on Nature’s Menu or Wolf Tucker. He’s also recently had what I call ‘astronaut food’ – dehydrated raw, to which you add water, and he’s thrived on this. 

4 Year
Smooth Coat
68cm to shoulder
Great with other dogs
Not fine with cats
children 15 plus

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