Please say hello to Alma Bonita, this name is Portuguese and it means beautiful soul,  so this little soul really deserved a very special name.   Words fail me to try and describe the atrocity that has been handed out to Alma by an inhumane, monstrous human.  The suffering she will have endured is beyond comprehension,  the hunger alone to be in this condition, I just can’t imagine being that starving.  Alma’s skin is red, hot to touch, sore, itchy, cracked and scabby.

Obviously we have taken Alma to the vets, she has eye cream, special shampoo, antibiotics, antibiotic cream, special cream that we have to plaster on  her from top to toe.   She is wearing a baby grow to help stop her from scratching and opening her paper thin skin, the smell from her skin condition is also terrible.

I’m sure you will all be heart broken and upset to see this poor little mite.

? Year
? Coat
?” to shoulder
? with other dogs
?with cats
? with children

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