Progress is slow with this lad he breaks your heart we don’t want to comprehend what has happened to him to make him this way.

Outside in the garden he bounds around like a puppy loves his foster parents actively follows them around and loves to play with the female doggies to be honest he is quite a flirt with them.

Sadly we still cannot get a lead on him without him reacting violently when we did attempt to put a lead on he threw himself around harming himself and whoever is around him but on a positive he is letting us touch his collar very very gently but the minute he feels any pressure he panics stresses out and then will not go anywhere near us, so this is very slow progress

We will continue to work with him and gain his trust but at this time he is still not available for rehoming so please do not contact us about him at this time.



Please meet banksy, an older boy, who has obviously had a traumatic life before coming into us  He is very nervous, scared, frightened of a lead etc, he has been with us a while and we are working through some of his issues.  He had fleas, ticks, was underweight and his coat was matted.  Banksy is not up for rehoming at the moment.

Fluffy Coat

Get in touch with us about this lovely dog!

Pip: 01386 853971

Linda: 01212 584510