Charlie is doing very well in his foster home, he has gone from extremely timid of new things, to slightly timid of new things.  He is good with people,  including children.

Initially Charlie had no interest in toys but he now plays with them in the garden, he chases a ball in the enclosed dog walker field and most significantly is becoming gradually socialised with other dogs (he was very nervous at first, trying to pull away).

Charlie greets me excitedly first thing in the morning with a waggy tail.  He is very athletic and quite a muscular dog, enjoys boisterous play with other dogs and surprisingly is showing he has some recall !   This is a very different dog from only a few weeks ago, the transformation is fantastic.  He will make a wonderful companion.

2 Years
Smooth Coat
24″ to shoulder
Good with other dogs
Not fine with cats
Maybe fine with children

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Linda: 01212 584510 (Weekdays after 5pm, Weekends anytime)