We would just like to let everybody know that we are starting up our rehoming it will be a bit different from before and we hope everyone bears with us as we work through any issues that may arrise with our new way of working. We are in the process of updating the dogs information on the website but for any information on them please give us a call.


I just want to say EGLR is not rehoming and is in lockdown at present.
We are all facing very uncertain, scary and difficult times and myself, Cheryl and Linda want to say to you all, stay safe, be kind and look after yourselves. We need you to be well for the future of EGLR and all the dogs you help save and carry on saving as long as you stay in and take care of yourselves.
We will keep posting pictures and videos of all the dogs and keep you updated as to how they are doing.
Much love sent to you all
From Pip, all the four legged gang, Cheryl and Linda.